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Igo Staff 2022-2023
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Igo Reads Around the World

Click the book covers to watch the books being read aloud.
Listen to stories from around the world, read by members of our Igo community.
It's NOT too late to send in your videos!

Fry Bread    Isabel and Her Colores Go To School Book Cover   Traveling Man    Be You    Boy    A Boy Like You    The Day The Stones Walked
Island Born    That's What Leprechauns Do    All Are Welcome    The Matchbox Diray
Stacey's Remarkable Books    I Am Enough

Messages from our Content Specialists:


At the Igo School, the most important part of my day is the time I spend with young mathematicians. It is my passion and my top priority to help every Igo student view themselves as mathematicians. Mathematicians do not answer every question quickly and correctly. Mathematicians make plans to problem solve, make mistakes, and try again. Mathematicians are curious. They ask questions and make conjectures. They notice and wonder all the time.

During the school day, I check in with students to ensure we are all meeting students where they are and giving each student what he/she needs to be successful. This means I teach small groups of children to provide support and/or enrichment. I also get to meet with classroom teachers to collaborate and monitor student progress.

Behind the scenes, I work closely with my Math Specialist colleagues at the Burrell and Taylor, as well as our K-8 Math/Science Curriculum Director. We’ve created a curriculum that is rigorous and engaging so our students are able to learn math in a workshop model. We’ve created assessments that students at all 3 elementary schools take to help us know what the students have mastered and what they still need to learn, while also ensuring that every Foxboro student is receiving a similar education.

Teaching children of all ages is my passion! My expectations are high but I also love to have fun with my students! I think Igo students would agree that we work hard and laugh hard every day!

Mrs. Young


Reading Support and Title I Literacy provide students with additional literacy support to increase fluency and comprehension skills. Reading assessments are administered three times per year by classroom teachers in conjunction with Reading Specialists to determine eligibility for the Title I reading support program. Students who do not meet grade level benchmarks (along with other considerations, at any point during the school year,) may be considered for reading support. Parents are notified before reading support begins and are encouraged to communicate regularly with their child’s Reading Specialist via email, phone, or video meeting.

Due to COVID-19 and the hybrid teaching model, Title I reading support will take place during the students’ remote learning portion of their day. They will meet with their Specialist four times per week online and may be seen in person for progress monitoring. This support is in addition to the reading instruction provided by the classroom teacher during the student’s in-person learning times. A variety of literacy learning activities may include:

·Fluency instruction
·Comprehension Strategy Development
·Vocabulary development
·Word Work (learning how words work)
·Word Solving Strategies
·Guided reading with a variety of genres at student's instructional and independent levels
·Story retelling/summarizing
·Guided writing

Student progress towards reading goals is measured throughout the year by the Reading Specialist (in conjunction with the classroom teacher) both formally and informally through small group work, observations, assessments, and conferences. Students in grades 1-4 will have their progress communicated to parents three times per year, on the same schedule as the classroom teacher's report card. (Kindergarten progress will only be documented at the end of the year).

Reading Specialists work with classroom teachers each cycle to provide them with instructional support in a variety of ways, which may include:

·Collaboration with teachers about student needs, goals and progress based on analysis of informal running records and other literacy assessments to plan for instruction.
·Co-planning and modeling of whole class lessons
·Developing SMART goals for students and tracking progress through progress monitoring tools and TAT team meetings.

Teaching students to love reading and writing is our passion. We are always available to help in any way!

Jenn Howe, Wendy Smith, and Steph Moore